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Highlights from the 2022-2023 Season
Highlights from the 2022-2023 Season

The Soraya’s 22-23 Season: A Tapestry of Artistic Triumphs and Community Engagement

By Thor Steingraber

The 22-23 Season was filled with many high points – Concierto para Dolores Huerta, the Israel Philharmonic, another successful Jazz at Naz festival capping with Samara Joy’s sold-out debutTreelogy, and sold-out performances of Lea Salonga, Disney’s Aladdin, and the most award-winning living composer Alan Menken. We welcomed back Serj Tankian and bid farewell to Artist-in-Residence Etienne Gara after two wildly creative years.

This video captures it all, bringing back some memories and capturing the vast scope of what we do at The Soraya. Then, on June 2, we announce the 23-24 season, with so many new artists to explore together in this weekly email.

In any season, we never forget that The Soraya is so much more than just a list of performances. We lean into our pivotal role in our community. New York Times columnist David Brooks put it so persuasively in this article about the unique value of the arts. This snippet may inspire you to read his complete reflection:

“I haul myself off to museums and such with the fear that in a political and technological age, the arts have become less central to public life, that we don’t seem to debate novels and artistic breakthroughs the way people did in other times…But we can still stage our mini-rebellions, kick our political addictions from time to time, and enjoy the free play of mind, the undogmatic spirit, and the heightened and adrenalized states of awareness that the best art still provides.”

— David Brooks, The Power of Art in a Political Age


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