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When first launched, MusiKaravan followed classical musician and Delirium Musicum founder Etienne Gara (Learn More) and fellow violinist YuEun Gemma Kim (Learn More) in their vintage 1971 VW van as they safely spread music and joy. Each short film episode highlighted a place in California where Gara and Kim performed socially distanced concerts for farmworkers, winemakers, random passersby, and even the occasional ostrich. Music lovers and travel enthusiasts alike will love their irreverent six-month journey from the Mexican to the Canadian border and back. Produced by Delirium Musicum and presented by The Soraya.


In this "bonus" 15th episode of MusiKaravan's 1st season, Artist in Residence of The Soraya, Etienne Gara, as well as YuEun Kim, and Boris the Bus take you back to the campus of CSUN, home of The Soraya. They perform in the iconic orange grove, and reunite with the musicians of Delirium Musicum on the beautiful stage of The Soraya for a surprise party and performance. 

Episode 15

A Soraya Homecoming

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Our favorite trio lives for a few days off the grid in the Redwood Forest before they get ready to cross the border into Oregon. Their adventures will continue into Washington state, on their way to the Canadian border, where they'll brave the winter elements to make new friends through music and quality products. But that is a story for another season...

Episode 14

Love (and Music) in the Time of COVID

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MusiKaravan ventures into the Redwood Forest, taking a fishing rod given to them by their latest driveway host in Northern California. Will they catch their dinner, or find gold in the bed of a river once famous for its treasures?

Episode 13

In the Redwoods with 2 violins and a fishing rod

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MusiKaravan joins Gwendolyn Alley, member of the 2019 US Wine Tasting Team, for a wine and music pairing at Napa Valley's oldest winery, Charles Krug. Together with Jim Morris, Vice President of Guest Relations at the winery, they keep music and wine flowing late into the night. After strengthening these new friendships, Etienne, YuEun and Boris are then ready to get back on the road for new adventures.

Episode 12

Wine and Music Pairing in Napa Valley

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MusiKaravan visits the oldest winery in Napa Valley to perform for first responders rebuilding the area after the summer fires. Not everything works out as initially planned, but as always, music, food, and wine unite those who were once strangers and creates new friendships. Witness these inspiring stories of Etienne and YuEun playing their violins for unexpected audiences.

Episode 11

Duty Calls in Napa Valley

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In this 10th episode, the fierce trio that forms MusiKaravan gets to discover some wines from Paso Robles, CA, indulge in luxurious grapes, and make new friends by playing their violins before they continue on their route towards San Francisco. Music, wine, and human bonding takes their journey farther north. 

Episode 10

Looking for Dionysus

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In this 9th episode, the MusiKaravan team faces some challenges and needs a little TLC before getting back on the road. They continue their adventures and come to rescue workers at an RV park near Paso Robles, CA. Music, human bonding, and beautiful scenery help save the day, so everybody can get back to their lives peacefully and inspired.

Episode 9

MusiKaravan to the Rescue

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In episode eight, YuEun celebrates Chuseok, a Korean harvest festival, while MusiKaravan continues their journey for an impromptu performance in a citrus and avocado orchard.

Episode 8

A Trip to the Golden Mountain

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With this seventh episode, we are entering the 2nd half of MusiKaravan's 1st season! Tag along with Etienne and YuEun as they pass by a couple of farms near San Luis Obispo, CA, discover lemon cucumbers, and perform for a crowd of new friends.

Episode 7

Lesson from the pandemic

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In the sixth episode, Etienne and YuEun visit some peculiar big feathered friends as their journey takes them to OstrichLand in Solvang, CA.

Episode 6

Serenade for an Ostrich

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In this fifth episode, violinists Etienne Gara and YuEun Kim drive up the steep roads to Los Olivos, CA, to rehearse in nature. On their way down to Santa Barbara, their VW bus breaks down, and MusiKaravan is stranded until they find a way to repair their 50-year-old vehicle. Will they find a way to continue their journey that brings together music, friendship, and discovery?

Episode 5

Stranded with our Violins!

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In this fourth episode, MusiKaravan visits the Ojai Olive Oil Company for a special moment of music, friendship, and discovery. 

Episode 4

Music-Infused Olive Oil

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MusiKaravan goes North, and performs at Clos des Amis winery, close to Ojai, California. New adventures, new friends!

Episode 3

Bus life in Wine Country

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In this second episode, Étienne and YuEun and their vintage 1971 VW bus visit their first organic farm in Southern California where they serenade a tomato.

Episode 2

2 Violins and a Bus Hit the Road

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In this first episode, we meet concert violinists from Delirium Musicum chamber orchestra, artistic director Etienne Gara, and YuEun Kim, and their vintage 1971 VW bus as they work to transform it into the handsome, shiny red vehicle that will valiantly transport them on their journey.

Episode 1

MusiKaravan: How it all Started

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