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Invest in the Audiences of the Future

By Thor Steingraber

Please help fill our seats with young people for every performance. As an arts patron, there is nothing else that you could do that would be more impactful.

Every time I witness a group of students entering The Soraya for a performance, my heart swells. I am reminded of those earliest opportunities I had as a child. School field trips, family outings, concerts at the holidays, and so much more — all of these were so influential in my life’s pursuits, and more so, shaped my worldview. It wasn’t even what transpired onstage that captivated me. It was the experience of being a part of something larger, being in the audience to share the awe and excitement.

As COVID recedes, and in-person activities return, there’s never been a more critical time to invest in the audiences of the future. Here are three reasons to invest in student tickets:

1. First, the future of the arts depends upon future generations becoming our future audiences. We cannot afford to skip a generation.

2. Second, when there is guaranteed underwriting for tickets, the financial benefit accrues to the overall sustainability of The Soraya’s performances.

3. Third, most performances at The Soraya act as a mirror to the region’s diverse communities, and the results are undeniably positive and uplifting, a real-time benefit to the broader community.

Granted, The Soraya’s arts education programs offers several matinees, free-of-charge, to local students, and when there’s opportunity, we invite CSUN students and other community groups to performances. Those efforts are costly, and there is no revenue to offset the expenses.

Therefore, what I’m asking now is greater than that. I am asking you to help us grow our resources to guarantee access for young people throughout the entire performance season. I hope that every student who comes to The Soraya has the same feeling I did when I was a youngster.

Will you help us make that possible? For the future of the arts?


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