Director Selects: Serj Tankian to premiere "Invocations" on April 29

Some artists stick to their lane, while others keep morphing, ever-curious and ever-creative. Serj Tankian is definitely the latter. There seem to be no limits to his imagination, and we’re very fortunate that he brings some of these artistic adventures to us here at The Soraya and CSUN, his alma mater. A bona fide rock star, Tankian is also a prolific painter and composer, and when he’s not plying his skills as an artist, he’s one of the most ardent human rights activists, especially in support of Armenia.

Serj returns to The Soraya on April 29 with all new compositions. He will share the stage with the CSUN Symphony and a host of guest artists. The video below shares more about those collaborations. As always, we’re proud to bring you original works not seen anywhere else in the world.


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Signature Series
“Invocations” Composed and Performed by Serj Tankian
with CSUN Symphony Orchestra and Northridge Singers