Help celebrate and save California’s iconic trees

Help celebrate and save California’s iconic trees

If you are here, you must feel a special connection with trees! Maybe you planted a tree in your backyard as a child, or maybe saw a giant sequoia for the first time at a more recent trip to a national park that inspired you.

Help The Soraya and TreePeople celebrate California’s iconic trees by shedding light on these magnificent spectacles of nature by sharing a photo* that recalls a favorite memory of you, or maybe even a loved one, among trees.

Submit your photo below, then post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtags #Treelogy and #Treepeople! *Photos will be randomly selected to be included in The Soraya's Treelogy campaign, with a special highlight on Sequoias, Redwoods, and Joshua trees. Ten participants will be provided a pair of tickets to enjoy the Treelogy concert on Feb. 23, 2023.


Photo submissions will be accepted from Jan. 23, 2023 through Feb. 15, 2023.

The Soraya Partners With TreePeople

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The Soraya is proud to partner with environmental advocacy group, TreePeople, whose mission aligns with Treelogy’s call to action in saving California’s iconic trees. TreePeople’s partnership with The Soraya provides an opportunity to showcase how the arts can help advance the fight against the climate crisis by providing a platform to educate on the subject and inspire action. The partnership encourages everyone to take action in saving trees by becoming a TreePeople Canopy member at and attend the February 23 World Premiere of Treelogy at The Soraya.

“As an arts organization, we welcome the opportunity to partner outside our field, and there is no one better than Los Angeles’ own TreePeople to help us gather photographic memories of communing with trees and to inspire people to do their part to save them.”

Thor Steingraber The Soraya’s Executive and Artistic Director

Meet our Partner: TreePeople
TreePeople unites the power of trees, people, and nature-based solutions to grow a more climate-ready LA. The organization inspires, engages and supports Angelenos to take personal responsibility for the urban environment, facilitates collaboration among government agencies, and promotes leadership in grassroots volunteers, students and communities. In this way, TreePeople seeks to build a powerful and diverse coalition to grow a greener, healthier and more water-secure Los Angeles for present and future generations. For more information, including opportunities to volunteer, visit

T.R.E.E. Talks: Can Art Save Nature?

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While scientists, government, tech and business leaders are typically those called upon to address environmental issues, artists are the ones that help express, inspire, and creatively educate about the realities of nature’s delicate state. Art is a vehicle that allows us to celebrate and draw attention to saving our environment.

Join TreePeople and The Soraya for an insightful conversation on how the arts are being used to invoke inspiration as a means to address this dire need. The live virtual event will be held on February 17, 2023.

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