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Celebrate your childhood with a historic Disney event

By Thor Steingraber

Imagine your childhood or the lives of the young ones you love – children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews – without the stories, characters, and songs that were brought to life by Walt Disney Animation Studios! The films have evolved as times have changed, but the impact is enduring and shared by six generations worldwide.

My personal favorite as a kid was Bambi, and I credit my love of the great outdoors to that film.

The Walt Disney Animation Studio turns 100 this year, and The Soraya presents the Los Angeles debut of their official centenary spectacle, including excerpts from dozens of beloved Disney films on the big screen accompanied by a live orchestra.

The Soraya and Walt Disney Studios are proud San Fernando Valley neighbors, and we salute the thousands of hard-working Valley men and women who are the backbone of the world’s largest entertainment company.

We’ve been planning this milestone event for nearly a year, and now our Disney colleagues have just completed the final touches on the film, meaning the show is finally ready to announce. Today is the first day that single tickets are on sale. Act fast, and join a historic moment for The Soraya, the Valley, and the world beyond.


Disney Celebrates 100

Disney Celebrates 100

Sat November 18 | 3PM

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