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Soraya Stories

Feed your curiosity. Go Behind-the-Screens with The Soraya.

By Thor Steingraber

What started as a necessity at the beginning of the pandemic, the only option for continuing some semblance of programming, has become one of my favorite things to do. Interviewing artists from their homes and sharing some of their work, usually performed in the most intimate and authentic ways, has added a new dimension to the performing arts.

Once upon a time, great artists found their way onto the radio and prime-time television, the covers of magazines, and in long feature stories in the newspapers. While I am too young to remember The Ed Sullivan Show, I have watched those clips longingly. Today, that kind of coverage is limited and requires a subscription to a niche publication or SiriusXM.

Getting to know artists who have dedicated their lives to becoming among the greatest in their fields can be memorable, inspiring, and uplifting; it feeds our curiosity; it’s an opportunity to perpetuate lifelong learning; and it’s fun. From my perspective, running an organization, it’s an opportunity to build greater appreciation for the performing arts, and to provide the kind of access that ensures loyal fans in the future.

Many people ask if we can continue this type of work in the future, even after re-opening for live performances. We’re eager to hear your thoughts on this topic, and we hope that you will join us for our upcoming Together Apart: Behind the Screens events. Email me at with your thoughts.




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Our members who contribute $50 or more per month will receive invitations to access this programming live. If you are a current member, watch for your email invitation. If you’d like to join us live for Together Apart: Behind the Screens, learn more about becoming a member here.

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