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Message from the Executive Director

By Thor Steingraber

Announcing Together Apart: Behind the Screens


Following our 10th Anniversary online celebration last month, The Soraya team took a moment to exhale and regroup. The discussions about re-opening continue, but we cannot yet share a firm date for that momentous occasion. However, building a bridge to that elusive moment in the future, we’re coming back to you soon with new live episodes of Together Apart: Behind the Screens, Fridays at 7 pm PST. The confirmed dates are below, along with the details of how you can gain access while also supporting The Soraya’s efforts.

We will soon share the details for each of the individual episodes. As you mark your calendars, you might place a big star on one particular date – Friday, April 30. That episode of Together Apart: Behind the Screens will feature a live conversation with former CSUN President Dr. Jolene Koester who is the person responsible for making possible a long-held dream for a performing arts center in the Valley. Since Jolene’s retirement from CSUN in 2012, she has continued to support our efforts at The Soraya. Many of you have mentioned how special it would be to hear from Dr. Koester. It will be my privilege to welcome her back, at least on our screens.



Announcing Together Apart: Behind the Screens


Join Executive Director Thor Steingraber and CSUN President Dr. Erika D. Beck for Together Apart: Behind the Screens.

Our members who contribute $50 or more per month will receive invitations to access this programming. If you are a current member, watch for your email invitation. If you’d like to join us for Together Apart: Behind the Screens, learn more about becoming a member.


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