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Soraya Stories: OK Go

By Joey Solano

I love the fact that 20 years into our rock career, we’re seeing a new generation of kids be creative and inventive in weird ways because of the videos we’ve made.

Band: OK Go

About: Since forming in 1998, OK Go has become known as much for their elaborate music videos for the smart, melodic pop songs they accompany. When their 2006 dance on treadmills went viral, helping fuel the explosion of the fledgling YouTube, the band leaned in, embraced the dissolution of creative boundaries in the digital era, and followed up with a decade of wildly creative, genre-defying videos that have earned over 300 million views and get shown in art museums more often than on MTV.


Art Together Now at The Soraya

The musical performances you see and hear in this video were submitted by people all around the world as part of OK Go Sandbox’s Art Together Now​ initiative. For more information, please go to

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