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The Soraya is Awarded Ticketmaster’s Sustainability Award

By Ricki Quinn

During the 2019 Ticketmaster Arts Summit, Sept. 23-25, the company honored four event venues for their commitment to diversity, advocacy, innovation, and sustainability. Among those honored at the summit, The Soraya received the Sustainability Commitment Award.

“The Soraya is the epitome of Sustainability,” said Ticketmaster founder Albert Leffler, “with its LEED Gold Certification for the structure, and operational policies in place, both backstage and front of house for keeping everything as ‘green’ as possible. When Ticketmaster recently created various arts and theatre client awards, I was pleased to nominate The Soraya, with the ensuing award most appropriate.”

“The Soraya is a values-driven arts organization, with sustainability being one of our highest priorities,” said Thor Steingraber, executive director of The Soraya. “We strive to align with the CSUN campus strategic priorities in this regard, among others, and I’m proud to work for President Dianne F. Harrison, who is the pacesetter for our collective achievements.”

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