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Treelogy’s Feb. 23, 2023 Premiere at The Soraya

Two years of artistic collaboration blossomed onstage Feb. 23, 2023, in the premiere of Treelogy — “a sublime, classical ode to California’s redwoods, sequoias and Joshua trees,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Commissioned and produced by The Soraya with Artist in Residence Etienne Gara as musical director, Treelogy features three all-new modern classical compositions.

  • “My Roots Spread Far and Wide” | Composed by Billy Childs, dedicated to the sequoia
  • “Dessert Ecology” | Composed by Gabriella Smith, dedicated to the Joshua Tree
  • “Red Wood” | Steven Mackey, dedicated to the Redwood Tree

“(The pieces) arrive at a crucial moment, as for the first time in their centuries-old lives, a great many of our state’s enduring majestic residents face an existential threat from wildfires,” Mark Swed wrote in his post-concert review.

“We’ve changed the climate. Now what? Can three splendid pieces of music, inspired by trees, save our state? Of course not. But the real value of Treelogy is subliminal. Trees inspire art. Art serves to enhance awareness. Awareness saves the day.”

Please enjoy these photos of The Soraya’s Treelogy premiere, shot by in-house photographer Luis Luque.

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