Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
New work by Cherice Barton
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
Photo Credit: Rosalie O'Connor
Great Hall (Directions & Parking)
$33 to $75
** This is a past performance, this event was on Fri., March 3, 2017 **

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
Eudaemonia by Cherice Barton
Little mortal jump by Alejandro Cerrudo
Sleepless by Jiří Kylián
VPAC original

Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, America’s most revered contemporary ballet company, partners with VPAC in the second year of its residency to co-commission a new piece by Los Angeles choreographer Cherice Barton. Barton’s much-lauded choreography for Katy Perry’s performance at last year’s Grammy Awards gained her worldwide attention.

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Aspen Santa Fe Ballet's production of Eudaemonia is made possible through the generosity of Valley Performing Arts Center, and Toni and James Kaplan.