Ragamala Dance Company, Written in Water
Intimate Onstage Performance
Ragamala Dance Company, Written in Water
Photo Credit: Hub Wilson
Great Hall (Directions & Parking)
$43 (on stage seating)
(on stage seating)
** This is a past performance, this event was on Sat., October 29, 2016 **

Ragamala Dance Company
Written in Water

Co-Artistic Directors
Ranee Ramaswamy & Aparna Ramaswamy
Prema Ramamurthy & Amir ElSaffar, Composers

A mother-daughter duo lead the renowned Indian ensemble that combines the sacred and traditional with the modern and inventive. “Rapturous and profound.” –New York Times

Under the direction of Ranee Ramaswamy and Aparna Ramaswamy, Ragamala Dance Company's work explores the dynamic tension between the ancestral and the contemporary. As choreographers and performers, Ranee and Aparna create dance landscapes that dwell in opposition — secular and spiritual life, inner and outer worlds, human and natural concerns, rhythm and stillness — to find the transcendence that lies in between. As mother and daughter, each brings her generational experience to the work — the rich traditions, deep philosophical roots, and ancestral wisdom of India meeting and merging with their hybridic perspective as Indian-American artists.

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