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Andrés Janacua

Quiero Saborear Mi Dolor

By Andrés Janacua

February 5, 2022 – May 4, 2022

Installation view, Quiero Saborear Mi Dolor, 2021

The Soraya Art Gallery is proud to present “Quiero Saborear Mi Dolor,” an exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Andrés Janacua.

It is a language, considerate of esoteric rules that subject the reader to conform to its logic regardless of any native tongue. Weaving functions as a form of resignation, settling on acts of translating patterns into communicative parameters between being read and being seen. No less, resisting a fixed definition. This form of translating shares its philosophical outlook with the act of transculturation, a manner of recycling in which a subjected party assimilates signs and objects of another as their own resulting in a syncretic byproduct. With this redefinition, a new subsequent meaning is generated which may place the object at odds with the inherent traditional custom to bear; an intersection that filters similarities with just enough dissonance to infer the Platonic vision of hell: a pale simulation with too much generational degradation to ever be whole again.

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