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Soraya Stories

A farewell from Étienne Gara, and invitation to follow the Delirium Musicum journey

By Étienne Gara

Dear Soraya friends,

Thank you for joining us on stage at The Soraya for our SEASONS album release concerts on May 10 and 11!

The two years of my artist residency at the Soraya were some of the most inspiring and creatively fulfilling ever. The launch of MusiKaravan’s videos, the creation of Treelogy, as well as the recording and album release concerts of SEASONS are just some of the visible highlights of this wonderful journey. My Delirium Musicum colleagues and I could not have asked for a better group of friends with whom to share these meaningful moments.

We are delighted that you could be with us for not only the long-awaited performances of the two ecstatic musical tributes to the unparalleled genius of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons but also the release of our debut album featuring the delirious repertoire of Max Richter and Philip Glass.

If you would like to have our recording in your own music library, it can be purchased for download, or in CD format.

I would love to keep you apprised as new adventures unfold for Delirium Musicum, and I invite you to join our mailing list.

Thank you for welcoming us to the gorgeous stage of The Soraya, and for your generous support.


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