The Soraya: COVID-19 safety requirements

Tuned in to your safety

UPDATED 9/12/2022

The Soraya can’t wait to wrap you up in the alluring sights and harmonious sounds of our performances this fall while ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to your safety. No two performing arts venues are the same, and many have differing protocols when it comes to COVID-19.

To that end, we continue to offer the following safety protocols, consistent with Los Angeles County health guidelines, so that when the lights go down and the curtain rises you feel comfortable at The Soraya.

NOTE: If you are not feeling well prior to a performance, and believe it could be COVID, stay home and we will refund your tickets.

  • Masks – We strongly recommend wearing masks indoors, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status. The Soraya will continue to provide complimentary surgical or KN95 masks upon request and will make best efforts to accommodate reseat requests for those who are uncomfortable being seated next to unmasked patrons.
  • Ventilation -The Soraya and Plaza del Sol Performance Hall HVAC systems and MERV-14 air filters are in compliance with, or exceed, current COVID protocols. Ventilation has been increased to the maximum extent possible throughout our facilities.
  • Disinfection – Restrooms and high touch surfaces (e.g.: door handles, stairway handrails, elevator buttons) are cleaned and disinfected regularly by our custodial staff.
  • Hand Hygiene – In addition to The Soraya's ample restroom and hand washing facilities, hand sanitizer stations are available at every venue entry point and at multiple points in the lobby.
  • Physical Distancing - While physical distancing is no longer required in our outdoor or indoor spaces, The Soraya’s large space allows our audience members to do so if they feel more comfortable. If you feel uncomfortable next to unmasked patrons, our ushers will make best efforts to accommodate reseat requests, to the best that availability allows.
  • Concessions - Concessions are available. However, we strongly recommended that attendees eat or drink their concessions in our outdoor courtyard or in designated indoor areas for peace of mind.
  • Vaccination Verification or Testing Requirements - While we are no longer requiring proof of full COVID-19 vaccination, we strongly encourage our audience members to be vaccinated, or test prior to attending a performance at The Soraya.